Поступающим Студентам Образование Наука Расписание

Intersubjectivity, Communication, Solidarity


Russian State University for the Humanities

Department of Philosophy,

Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy

Moscow, Miusskaja Pl.6

International Conference

12-14 December 2018

"Intersubjectivity, communication, solidarity"


Call for papers


Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy is happy to announce the International Conference «Intersubjectivity, Communication, Solidarity».


The topic of the conference is the understanding intersubjectivity, communication and solidarity in theoretical and historical aspects. The conference will contain three corresponding panel discussions:


- Intersubjectivity. Consideration of the concept of intersubjectivity affects wide range of topics related to different areas of knowledge in humanities. Within the framework of the conference the phenomenon of intersubjectivity will be considered in its connection with problems of the life-world and historicity. Topics of discussion include the emergence of intersubjectivity problem in Russian and European philosophy at the beginning of the 20th century (A. Vvedensky, II Lapshin, N.O. Lossky, M. Scheler, etc.), as well as further ways of its formulation and address by E. Husserl, M. Heidegger, A. Schütz, J.-P. Sartre, and in modern French philosophy.


- Communication. The problem of communication presupposes a variety of approaches to its consideration: the concept of communication of J. Habermas, N. Luhmann, the practice of communication in Internet communities as well as the problem of communication and intersubjectivity in modern religious and philosophical thought.


- Solidarity. This panel examines various historical types of solidarity and presupposes a wide range of topics: solidarity and freedom of thought, solidarity and tolerance, solidarity and corporativism, solidarity and totalitarianism, «sobornost’» and collectivism, solidarity and truth, solidarity and values.


Conference Organizing Committee:

Chairman: Professor Victor Molchanov, Head of the Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy, Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)

Professor Svetlana Konacheva, Chair of Contemporary Problems of Philosophy department, RSUH

Evgenia Shestova, research fellow of the Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy, RSUH

Mikhail Belousov, assistant professor of the Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy, RSUH

Conference Secretary: Ivan Kurilovich, senior research fellow of the Centre for Phenomenological Philosophy, RSUH


Deadline for abstract submission is 15.10.2018. Application should contain:

  • abstract (4000-5000 characters);
  • contact details (full name, title and position, affiliation, mailing address).

Mailing address for submissions: alchteniya.rggu@gmail.com


Organizing Committee reserves the right of theses selection.

The authors will be informed of the decision of the organizing committee not later than November 10, 2018.


The format of spoken presentation is 20 min + 10 min for discussion.


For additional information please contact the secretary of the organizing committee Ivan Kurilovich (kurilovich.i@rggu.ru).